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The frame stamp is on the passenger side near the tub in the top of the frame rail. Any and all help is appreciated! I just inherited a Jeep from my grandpa.

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My Grandpa said it was a GPW MB Any clarity? Thanks, looking forward to restoring this! I have a Jeep Cj-5 but the year is uncertain. Serial number is: Please help if anyone can. Hi Melanie, according to the serial number you have a CJ Below are a few CJ-5 related links for information. If you have any parts or tech questions feel free to give Mike M. Have a great day! The serial number is Thanks for the help.

Hi Josef, you have a CJ Below are a few links to information about the CJ Hi Lonnie, according to the serial number you have a Willys M38A1.

Willys Model Identification

Below are a few links related to the vehicle. Just got a 53 willys for the wife sn md can anyone give me any kind of info on this please it has a sbc in it and would like to restore to factory. Hi all, looking at purchasing what the seller believes is a m38a1. Its kind of in parts and pieces so having a hard time determining the year. Only Number he can find is near the Battery box M on a tag.

Any idea? I have what I believe to be a modified M38A1. The serial number plate behind the passenger seat reads: Can you tell me anything about the jeep? I bought an aluminum hardtop for my Willys CJ5. The guy I bought it from assured me it would fit. Being new to the game, I bought it, It does not fit.

Any help? Sure could use some help on this I have chased the heck out of it on the net with no results. Thanks Stan. Hi Daniel, according to the serial number, you have a CJ If you have any questions about the model, check out our All About Willys page and the Willys Tech Section on the site. Dad bought this new in but hard to find any info. I just bought a Willys jeep a couple of months ago. Can anyone inform me where the frame numbers are and what possible year my Willy is?

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We have in our possession a Jeepster with no VIN. Please let me know as we are trying to title the vehicle. I have a chance to buy a Willys wagon. Not sure of the year. This is the serial. TW61 There are no serial numbers or vin numbers except the one that AZ assigned as vin AZ I have a frame rail number stamped As I understand there were no CJ-5 models produced until but some of the military jeeps with the rounded fenders wee produced earlier than that. It has a battery box on top but without the strap or thumb screws.

Any help you can give me or lead me to more info would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible it could have been a very early model CJ-5 that would have been produced in late ? Hi Ed, According to your serial numbers it would have been produced between February and March of It is possible your CJ-5 had a left over serial number tag instead of a Vin.

If you have any other questions please email amy kaiserwillys. I am trying to decipher the Serial Number on my Jeep. I was told that it should be a The number plate on the firewall says which i know means its a CJ5 However the next set of numbers is When I look at all the Serial Number guides for Willys it says that the production numbers for were thru Then in 62 it was supposed to start using a VIN method to identify the production numbers.

Is mine just an early model 62 that they stamped with a serial number instead of a VIN number? Trying to find out the year of a CJ5 I just purchased. The serial number is A By using rhe VIN decoder only he first few numbers make any sense. Than you,. Hello, I have a CJ-5 and have been told it is a While starting to refurbish it, I took off the data plate but things are not adding up with what I have been told.

I am finding conflicting information and need some help, please. If you have any further questions or would like to send in photos of your CJ-3A send an email to amy kaiserwillys. I have a cj5 that is titled as but it has a serial not a vin. And I am noticing when I buy parts a lot of them are not the same.

Any help would be much appreciated. In trying to figure what branch of the military my jeep was special ordered. If you would like send an email to amy kaiserwillys. Send some photos to amy kaiserwillys. Vin is If you could let me know how to better find the correct year that would be great! Hi Kim, Could you send some pictures to amy kaiserwillys. I have a jeep. With tailgate that says willys with an assigned identification number of ways 78 and control number of what does this mean and how do I find out the yr.

I have a willys jeep. Engine 6F Body Can anyone help with more info on this jeep. But the serial number is and the motor is 4J It has to original paint color on it that is Indian Ceramic color.

Hi Brennan, the serial number indicates a CJ-5 Jeep. Send pictures of it to amy kaiserwillys. Let us know if you have any other questions! Hi there!

Please help. Hi Vinod, The serial number should be located under the hood on the right side of the firewall. It can also be found on the frame at the front of the vehicle located on the top side of the frame rail. If you have any other questions just let us know! Hey guys i bought this jeep this year and i just want to know if this is a willys or not??? I have a Willys Jeep, the title shows it to be a two door.

It is actually a pickup. Last edited by Blazer; at PM. In reality, if you can get a title then you can just order up some repro data plates. Originally Posted by Willys 4x4. Originally Posted by kmeyer. Sheriff comes out and we cannot locate a vin plate. The one by the driver's door has obviously been removed.

He was pretty sympathetic - had a '58 a few years ago - and scrambled all over the thing with me to try to find something. I have a CA title. I was told that there should be a frame stamp with the last five numbers, but I am trying to figure out the exact location - the underside has been coated and I am going to have to remove the coating to find the stamp. You might check your engine block.